I am currently a postdoc at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum and a member of Prof. Tobias Schlicht’s research group realizing the Volkswagen Foundation grant entitled ‘Situated Cognition: Perceiving the World and Other Minds’.

My doctoral research was also conducted at the Ruhr-Universität, where I was supervised by Tobias Schlicht and Daniel Dennett. In my dissertation I investigated the way in which the computational models developed within the framework of predictive processing constrain the space of possible mechanisms underlying perceptual experience and whether the framework can yield a new perspective on the nature of consciousness. I was awarded my PhD in Philosophy with a grade of summa cum laude in May 2019. My work was also distinguished by the GfD with the annual prize for the best interdisciplinary dissertation.

Apart from probabilistic models of cognition, mental representations, and consciousness, I am also keenly interested in topics prominent in philosophy of perception, computation, meta-cognition, situated cognition, and philosophy of science. Outside of philosophy, I spend a lot of time reading about computational modeling, probability theory, and digital rights.